Glimpses Advertising has been providing full-service marketing, advertising and public relations services for over 45 years. We offer the best in creative, marketing and media solutions as well as vital assistance and management of public relations and event management activities that most agencies do not provide.

We understand that our clients’ success is our success.

We are an award-winning team of in-house journalists and correspondents, attentive product sales specialists, fast-paced digital content creators and creative producers. We combine to connect you through our publications, media channels and events with the latest information you can use to build your business and enjoy your lifestyle to the fullest.

Glimpses Advertising

Director of Marketing Strategy: Sharleen Marchesseault: Email

Senior Marketing & Media Executive: Virgie Avendano: Email

Digital Marketing Executive: Christian Glory: Email

Marketing Executive: Mariah Natuel: Email

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Package Design

Digital Media

Print Production

Creative Advertising

Social Media Management

Corporate Identity

Event Management

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Glimpses Media

Director of Glimpses Media: Ken Duenas: Email

Publisher: Maureen N. Maratita: Email

Managing Editor: Oyaol Ngirairikl: Email

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Our Team

Sharleen Marchesseault

Director of Marketing Strategy

Virgie Avendano

Senior Marketing & Media Executive

Christian Glory

Digital Marketing Executive

Mariah Natuel

Marketing Executive

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